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CODE: Foam-Set-SE-720

Price: $29.38


Seahorse Replacement Foam Sets

All Replacement foam sets consist of:
  • Egg-Crate (convoluted) Lid foam
  • 1/2" Base pad
  • Pick and Pluck (cubed) pre-scored foam
  • SE-540, SE-920 and SE-1220 cases have multiple layers of Pick and Pluck Foam
Accuform Foam is vertically pre-scored, high-density foam that is easily formed to provide a snug fit that protects your equipment from the abuse of your toughest adventure.

Accuform Foam in Seahorse cases is a removable, cubed matrix foam set, consisting of a layer of egg-crate foam in the lid, a thick cubed foam center and a " thick, high density shock absorbing foam bottom layer.

Quick Facts

18.29" x 13.19" x 1.67"
18.29" x 13.19" x .5"
18.29" x 13.19" x 4.45"


MyCaseBuilder Custom Foam

Get a custom-designed foam insert
for your SE-720 for just $129.59 !
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Foam Filled

Layers of Pick and Pluck Polyester foam with Egg-Crate Foam Lid. *Great Do It Yourself Option*

Custom Foam

Let us design a custom insert for you with Pro-Design! Protect and beautifully display your products. Call us toll free at 866 71-CASES or E-mail us.